In today's tech-driven world, sticking a for sale sign in the front yard isn't enough to get your Cherokee County home sold.   You need a compelling story and  the ability to reach as many qualified buyers as possible.  

So  when it comes time to sell your Cherokee County home, make sure you take  advantage of both traditional and digital resources to create an  engaging marketing campaign to attract buyers.  With over 22 years of  experience, we are sharing some of our solutions to get your home seen and sold.  

TIP #1:  Know where your home fits in within the current real estate market

Take  a look around at the other homes for sale in your neighborhood and the  surrounding neighborhoods.  Pretend you’re a buyer and compare your home  to what else is on the market.  If you can, take off the rose-colored  glasses to honestly assess how your home’s condition and location stacks  up.  With this information in mind, you will have a better idea of how  to price and market your home so that it is exciting to potential  buyers.  

TIP #2:  Showcase the home's potential with staging

If the home is vacant, staging helps potential buyers envision how they  can live in and use the home.  If, on the other hand, your home will be  occupied when you are selling it, staging will help you develop a plan  for de-cluttering, removing furniture, installing light landscaping, and  so on.  It's amazing the difference that staging can make in how a home  looks and feels to a potential buyer.

TIP #3:  Take good photos

A  picture really is worth 1,000 words, especially when so many buyers  start their home search online. Yet, we are constantly surprised at the  poor quality of the listing photos we see online -- or even listings  that have no photos at all. Dark and out-of-focus pictures don't cut it.

If  you can, hire a professional photographer to take high resolution  pictures of your home.  Most real estate photographers will do this for  around $200 – 300.  If you’re going to take the pictures yourself, be  sure to open the curtains and blinds, turn on all the lights, and try to  take the photographs at a time of day that the interior of your home is  the brightest.  If needed, edit your photos before you post them to  increase the exposure.  Take pictures of both the exterior and interior  of the home, and show rooms from a variety of angles.  

 TIP #4:  Maximize the number of photos shown

The  Multiple Listing Service (MLS) allows real estate agents to post up to  40 images for each home.  Maximize the opportunity to woo a potential  buyer by posting the maximum number of photographs of your home. 

There's  no excuse to have fewer than 40 pictures.  Find something unique or  eye-catching about the home and feature those elements too.  Include a  close up of the awesome tile, showcase that charming glass door knob, or  highlight those neat-looking house numbers.

TIPS #5:  Harness the power of video

Since  video accounts for 74% of all online traffic,it should be a key part of  the marketing strategy for your home.  Whether it's a personal tour, a  lifestyle video, or a simple list of the three greatest things about  your listing, video is crucial to providing the potential buyer with a  complete picture of the home.   Good marketing includes professional videography,  including aerial drone videography.

TIP #6:  Don’t just market your home, market your community

Buyers  aren’t just buying a home.  They are buying a lifestyle.  Be sure to  point out unique features about the community you live in.  Is the home  within walking distance to a green belt?  Popular restaurants nearby?   Close to a school or university?  Help the potential buyer understand  what’s great about living in your neighborhood.  This is a great place  to use video to tell an engaging story about your listing.

TIP #7:  Maximize your social network

Let  friends, family, and acquaintances know that your home is for sale.   Post your listing on your social networks like Facebook and Instagram.   And if you’re using an agent, be sure your agent is actively  advertising your listing on their social networks too.  A good agent  should have an established online marketing plan that goes beyond just  putting the home on the MLS and syndicating it to other websites like  Zillow.  After all, the average American spends 50 minutes on Facebook  each day, practically one full day each month. Plus, 1 in every 5 mobile  minutes is spent on Facebook and Instagram.  High-quality marketing  will include online advertising, showcasing the home on an active real  estate blog, focused re-targeting, and a social media blitz.

TIP #8:  Prepare your home for each showing

As  you might imagine, homes with piles of laundry and a sink full of  dishes don’t show well.  While your home is for sale, it is important to  make it appealing to buyers.  So make the beds, put away the laundry,  wipe the counters, sweep the floors, and put your home’s best foot  forward.  Not sure where to start?  We have a free checklist for preparing your home for showings. 

TIP #9:  Make it easy for buyers to see your home

Like  you, buyers have busy schedules.  They will want to see your home at  times that are convenient for them, which means they may want to see  your home at times that are inconvenient for you.  Even so, try to allow  every single showing that is requested.  

TIP #10:  Give the buyer privacy when viewing the home

Buying  a home is a big decision, and buyers need space and privacy to figure  out if your home is the right one for them.  If a potential buyer is  viewing your home, tidy up and then skedaddle.  Don’t linger.  Don’t  follow the buyer around.  And don’t try to convince them to buy your  home.   

Use on intelligent strategies that get results

Over  the years we’ve learned what works to help our clients win deals,  regardless of market conditions.  Our statistics prove this point.  Our  homes sell faster and for more than similar properties.  Our  experience,  tactics, and training benefit our clients’ bottom  line.  We can put our methodical system to work for you too. 

Contact us today for a no obligation consult on selling your Cherokee County home.

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